3 Months on WW

My first three months on Weight Watchers have been fantastic. I’m still shocked that twelve weeks have already gone by. If someone would’ve told me weeks ago that I would have the progress I have today, I wouldn’t even believe them. It’s just crazy.
This Saturday I weighed in for week twelve. I was down 3.6 pounds which brought my total loss to 24.6 pounds.
This week’s weigh in was a big deal because I’m in a “new number” that I haven’t been in for years. And I mean YEARS! It was definitely a small victory. I came across this the other day and it’s so true about the timeline. Here I am at twelve weeks and I’m going to still keep going.
  • I wanted to share some things that are still working for me and helping me be successful with Weight Watchers:
  • I love the WW app! No joke…the app makes this program seamless. Entering points, looking up food, and scanning food. I scan things like crazy.
  • I love having my FitBit linked to the WW app. I never use my activity points because I never get through all my weekly remaining points but I love seeing activity points rack up during the week.
  • I do enjoy a cheat meal on Saturday. I pick Saturday because it’s the day I weigh in. And I don’t feel guilty about it either. I do enter the meal into the WW app and then mentally I tell myself I have all week to work it off.
  • I do weigh myself mid-week to see how I’m doing. I like a mid-week check, so I don’t have any surprises at Saturday’s weigh in.
  • I eat all the fruit and veggies I can get my hands on. Zero points baby!
  • I’ve drastically cut back on my alcohol intake during the weekdays. And when I do have a beer or a glass of wine, it gets enter in the WW app and accounted for.
Those are my secrets for right now! Three months ago, I would’ve paid top dollar for a magic pill or secret diet program to help me lose 25 pounds. I would’ve never thought I could’ve done it on my own by tracking what I eat and making smart choices about what I choose to put in my body. Because honestly, that’s what it comes down to. Weight Watchers tells me how many points I can have. I choose what to do with them. It’s all up to me. I’m happy with my progress. I feel like I’m doing it the right way, as a lifestyle change, so that the weight I’m losing never comes back.
If you’re following along my weight loss journey, thank you. Your encouraging words each week when I post my Saturday stats on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, mean so much to me. I appreciate all the love!

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