A Year in Review

My body has gone through the biggest transformation this year. Thanks to Weight Watchers I met my goal weight in June, became a Lifetime Member, and I’ve been maintaining my goal weight ever since.
Running has taking me through an emotional roller coaster this year. It’s been a transformation in the weirdest way ever. I went into 2015 prepped for the runDisney Goofy Challenge. I was more than ready, but my body had other plans during the marathon on Day 2. And it wasn’t until this summer that I was finally cleared to run and even now I still have issues with my left leg. I want to be the runner I was before. I look longingly at runners I see hitting the pavement, but I know I’m just not there yet. And I wonder when, or if, I ever will be.
Our little family went through a transformation this year. We took a leap of faith to list our house this summer and it sold super fast. Because of that sale, we’re building our dream home. It’s so crazy to think from where we are now in the rental and in just a few months we’ll be settled in our new house. We still can’t believe it’s happening.
So you can see why transformation sums up my year. It just speaks to me. Think back about your year. Which one word best describes 2015 for you? 

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