New Year New Meat

Slow start to the blog this year, but how are all your New Year resolutions coming along?

I wanted to make 2020 an even bigger year for running, and I felt like the next best step I could make was to really get a handle on my nutrition.

But this is more than just about keeping the fat off. I wanted to make sure I ate things that kept my metabolism active, helped speed up my recovery time between runs, and help power my running strength.

One of the things I wanted to start looking at is my protein intake.

I’ve heard a lot about turning to a plant-based diet, with plenty of my fellow runner friends raving about the benefits of veganism.

What I really want to do though is really hone in on my protein intake, so I’m parking non-meat for a while.

I want to focus on a good amount of white meat and fish, and I thought one of the best (and fun!) ways I could do this is to get a grill.

I know we’re still a ways off summer right now, but with sales popping up here and there, it felt like a good time to get my grilling setup nailed down so that I’m ready for grilling season to hit in May!

I didn’t really know what to get, but I settled on a built in gas grill. Sure, these are pretty high-end, but we’ve been renovating the patio anyway so we decided to go all in on an outdoor barbecue kitchen!

I can’t wait to get going with it. It’s a Napoleon LEX and looks pretty powerful, but should be idiot-proof enough for someone like me to get to grips with.

Will keep you guys posted!

What steps are you making to follow through with your 2020 ambitions? Let me know in the comments below!

A Year in Review

My body has gone through the biggest transformation this year. Thanks to Weight Watchers I met my goal weight in June, became a Lifetime Member, and I’ve been maintaining my goal weight ever since.
Running has taking me through an emotional roller coaster this year. It’s been a transformation in the weirdest way ever. I went into 2015 prepped for the runDisney Goofy Challenge. I was more than ready, but my body had other plans during the marathon on Day 2. And it wasn’t until this summer that I was finally cleared to run and even now I still have issues with my left leg. I want to be the runner I was before. I look longingly at runners I see hitting the pavement, but I know I’m just not there yet. And I wonder when, or if, I ever will be.
Our little family went through a transformation this year. We took a leap of faith to list our house this summer and it sold super fast. Because of that sale, we’re building our dream home. It’s so crazy to think from where we are now in the rental and in just a few months we’ll be settled in our new house. We still can’t believe it’s happening.
So you can see why transformation sums up my year. It just speaks to me. Think back about your year. Which one word best describes 2015 for you? 

Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve….

As I sit here today, writing this post I’m replaying all the different should’ve, would’ve, could’ve scenarios in my head. Right now I should be arriving in Key West soon and preparing for tomorrow’s Southernmost Marathon. I’ve trained for five months and this was the race that I never thought I would do….a marathon? Me? Ha! But I was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. All the training had gotten me to this point. I was more than ready for this race, but my body had other plans.

For the last four weeks, I’ve been battling something. Whether it was a head cold, a sinus infection, or the stomach bug…you name it, I was going through it. While I was on an antibiotic a few weeks back, I got sick again. I should’ve gone back to the doctor sooner, but I thought I could control it on my own. But I was wrong.

I’ve missed five days of work with being sick lately. I kept thinking if I just rest, it will get better. I went to doctor this week, thinking I’m going to nip this sickness in the butt. On Tuesday, I got two shots and an antibiotic. I was so hopeful. But I should’ve known. By Thursday, I was ill. Felt like I was dying. I had been vomiting for almost 24 hours from the pressure in my head. From Tuesday to Thursday, I lost 6 pounds. Hell I can’t lose 6 pounds to save my life in a good month, and now I was dropping weight like it was my job. Yesterday I got another shot and another round of prescriptions. I have a severe sinus infection and I am still fighting an upper respiratory infection. So here I am, with three shots and two prescriptions. Do I feel any better? A little bit, but now my new meds have me all dizzy. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.

I would’ve gone to the doctor sooner if I realized how bad it was. Looking back I think I could’ve gotten all these meds weeks ago. But I just didn’t realize how bad I was feeling. I kept trying to push through. My sights were set on Somo and that was all that mattered. My heart is crushed that I’m missing this race. Will there be another marathon for me to run? Of course. But now I feel like all my hard work was for nothing. I’m not even sure how to pick back up with my training now. Once I feel better, I will hit the pavement and work towards my goal…I WILL BE A MARATHONER…and hopefully it’ll be sooner, rather than later.

I need to stop worrying about what I should’ve done, what I would’ve done if I knew how sick  I was, and I what I could’ve done to make it all better. Honestly I’m not sure what I could’ve done, would’ve made things play out differently. I guess this just wasn’t my race to run.

Have you ever missed out on a goal? How did you pick back up?

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope y’all had a blast ringing in 2019! We had very quiet evening at home just hanging out and watching football. The night of course wasn’t complete without some champagne! Cheers!

As we start this new year, we’re all reflecting on resolutions and goals. Things we want to either achieve or improve on. Ways to live better or smarter. Well just like you, I’ve done the same.

For 2019, I’m setting goals for myself. Here are some of them:

To continue running. That’s a good thing, right? I don’t want to set a mileage number like xxxx, so I have a goal in mind and I hope to achieve it. This time last year I had a stress fracture and was in a boot. Hoping for a year of continued running with no injuries!

To finish the runDisney Goofy Challenge next weekend! 39.3 miles is a huge feat for me and something I’ve never accomplished before.

To get faster. I’ve been seeing great progress lately with speed workouts, so I know I can crush this goal in 2019.

To expand my horizons with races. I want to run in new places and try out new races. Being part of the #RockNBlog team this year is definitely going to help make that happen!

To keep focusing on a healthier me. I want to make good fit and food choices more often than not.

To spend more time with my favorite people. Life is just too short!

I feel good about the goals I’m setting for 2019! Some are going to be easy to reach and some will take more effort. But that’s what life is about.

What are some resolutions or goals that you set for 2019? 

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is always something to be thankful for. That seems to be the theme for this Thanksgiving. At least for me.

As the day is drawing to a close, the food has been eaten, the wine has been drank, and well let’s face it, our pants are all feeling a little tighter. But that’s okay because this day comes once a year and it’s one that I look forward to so much. Spending an entire day with family and doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company is exactly what I love doing. We don’t get to stop and do this often enough with our busy lives, so I’m thankful for this day.

Today we started the day with a Turkey Trot and then ended with a yummy meal and even better, some good ole’ apple pie. After all, life is just better with pie, right?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. One that allows you to see that on this day and every other day there is always something to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!